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Street Crosser

Game microsite

We developed this fun microsite inspired by classic arcade games for Street Crosser, a gamification project created by our sister companies – Noobware & Nutone.

Brazil’s Verve Cultural invited them to create a project to raise awareness about one of the main social issues in São Paulo which is traffic accidents involving pedestrians. They wanted to create something that would hopefully raise awareness in a playful and didactic way, so they decided that gamification was the way to go and inspired by classic arcade games they created Street Crosser.

It was part of Mostra Play! 2014, an event showcasing international new media and animation artists. Displayed over four weeks, millions of pedestrians could have a go at playing while hopefully becoming aware of the message they were trying to convey. The response to game was so good that they have now released Street Crosser on the AppStore and Google Play – completely free.

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Concept, art direction & design


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