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The friendly people over at Alliero approached us to create another website for them. They have become an official provider in Sweden for SmartStack – a solution that combines server, networking and storage from Nimble Storage and Cisco to provide a complete private pre-validated cloud infrastructure.

They wanted a website presenting features, tech specs and the many advantages of this standalone product they provide, keeping in line with their existing look and feel that we developed, which reflects their relaxed and personal approach to IT.

We used the design we developed for their own website as a starting point, and extended it by illustrating many more fundamental IT concepts as well as product specific features in a minimalistic way. While content was technologically dense, we maintained the direct, simple and friendly communication tone and once again let the words do all the talking. Additionally we made several technical improvements to improve SEO and to make the site faster, responsive and touch device friendly.

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Concept, Creative direction, Art direction, UI/UX, Web design, Illustration & Web development


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SmartStack website - Binalogue - UX, Web design & development