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Sing - What a Feeling

Videogame graphics

Activision’s Freestyle Games invited us to take place in of their latest project: SiNG. A fully fledged karaoke experience that was one of the first titles to come out worldwide on Nintendo’s Wii U.

The challenge we were given was to animate what were to become the environments for two massive 80s hits contained in the game’s stellar playlist. These environments would also accompany the game’s GUI and set the aesthetic and syanesthetic context for the players to give their best behind the mic.

The two seminal tracks we created visuals for were: Irene Cara’s “What a feeling” and Katrina and the Waves’ “Walking on Sunshine”.

As was to be expected, all of the visuals’ action had to be connected and perfectly synced to the track’s rhythm and melody. This too was applied to the piece’s aesthetics which breathed neon/pop/retro all over.

Freestyle Games’ experienced crew provided us with the narrative structure of the pieces as well as their aesthetic foundation.

This is the piece we created for Irene Cara’s “What a feeling”: A choreography of dancing neon blocks and rings shooting musical notes around and ever-growing retro looking monolith. All of it surrendered to Giorgio Moroder’s unmistakable synths.

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Our role

Co-art direction, Technical direction, 3D & Finishing




Freestyle Games Production Coordinator

Rich Orchard

Freestyle Games Art Director

Marti Romances


Irene Cara - 'What a Feeling'

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