Publicis Media - The consumer in the tesseract

Explainer video

The tesseract, hypercubes and robots are some of the elements that constitute this motion adventure where we explore how the relationship between brands and consumers has evolved historically to reach its status quo, and what is Publicis Media’ forecast on how to interact with consumers effectively nowadays.

Creative mavericks Busto & Miguelez skilfully crafted a script for Publicis “Trends 2016“ online platform and invited us to turn it into an explainer video. An invitation that was nothing short of a challenge and that also required a soundtrack full of Aural’s sonic artistry.

By juxtaposing treatments and techniques we created this ever-changing journey that depicts and predicts what brands are meant to do to stay on top of the game in today’s hyper connected society.

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Production company


Our role

Co-Creative direction, Direction, Art direction, Design, 3D, Motion graphics & Compositing

Awards & Mentions


Co-creative direction

Busto y Miguelez


Busto y Miguelez

Music, sound design & production



Asier Newman


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Publicis Media - Trends 2016

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Space & avatars

Publicis Media - Trends 2016

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