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Official movie poster

During 2015 La Biennale di Venezia awarded the four most outstanding projects of the Biennale College Cinema workshop with a complete feature film production. They also sponsored the creation of a full set of marketing and promotional resources for their 2016 release.

The Film Agency managed the marketing strategy of the four films, and invited us to look after the creation of the official poster for Orecchie, one of the winning projects, from concept development through to direction and execution.

Orecchie is the story of a man wakes up one morning with an annoying ringing sound in his ears. A note on the fridge says: “Your friend Luigi has died. P.S. I took the car”. The problem is that he does not even remember who this guy Luigi is.

This is just the beginning of a tragicomic day during which he will be plunged into the folly of the world. One of those days that changes your life forever.

Our role

Concept, Art direction, Design & Illustration




Emanuele Camerini


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Orecchie - Binalogue - Art Direction & Design - Film Posters

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