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La Soledad

Official movie poster

During 2015 La Biennale di Venezia awarded the four most outstanding projects of the Biennale College Cinema workshop with a complete feature film production. They also sponsored the creation of a full set of marketing and promotional resources for their 2016 release.

The Film Agency managed the marketing strategy of the four films, and invited us to look after the creation of the official poster for La Soledad, one of the winning projects, from concept development through to direction and execution.

La Soledad tells the story of a a young father who, while struggling to survive in the urban jungle of Caracas, discovers that the decrepit mansion he squats in will soon be demolished. Hoping to save his family from homelessness, he embarks on a mystical search for a cache of gold that is rumoured to be buried in the walls of the house. This film is based on a true story and played by the real characters.

Our role

Concept, Art direction & Design




Daniel Benaim Ginnari


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La Soledad - Binalogue - Art Direction & Design - Film Posters

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