La Oferta


This is the first independent project that has come out of the long standing collaboration between eldorado entertainment and Binalogue.

Eldorado’s David Martínez Romero invited Binalogue’s David Carrizales to co-conceptualize and direct the title sequence for Martínez’ first short film ‘La Oferta’ while also having Binalogue handle the design, technical direction and postproduction.

The piece shows the process the main character goes through in order to create the gimmick he uses to deliver his message.

The entire process (from concept and storyboarding through to shooting and post) was very fun and educational; by paying great attention to detail and investing a wide range of resources we concluded our ‘first time’ successfully and craving for more.

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Eldorado Entertainment

Production company

Eldorado Entertainment

Our role

Concept, Direction, Design direction, Technical direction, Design, 3D, VFX & Post production

Awards & Mentions


Executive producer

David Martínez Romero


David Carrizales


David Martínez Romero, David Carrizales & Marcus Stenbeck


Gonzalo Bouza & Antonio de Matteo

Director of photography

David Andrés

Assistant Director

Ramon Aller & Raquel Marcos

Production Manager

Ángela Arévalo

Assistant Producer

Pilar Gil

Production Designer

Sara Velázquez

Design direction

David Carrizales & Marcus Stenbeck

Graphic Design

David Carrizales, Marcus Stenbeck & Sara Velázquez


Pablo Cambronero

Technical Lead

Álvaro Martín

3D & Tracking

Álvaro Martín

VFX - Compositing

David Carrizales, Álvaro Martín & Sergio Tomasa


Radar (Christophe Goze & Francis Peyrat)

Sound design

Alfonso Hervás

Costumes and Make-up

Noelia Barberá


Pablo Boto

Camera operator

Alberto Pareja

Colour correction

Miguel Tejerina - REDCAM

Storyboard artist

Thomas Touron

La oferta

A short film by David Martínez Romero

Photographs courtesy of

Eldorado Entertainment


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Title sequence storyboard.

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Behind the scenes

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