Heineken Urband Beats

Graphics package & microsite

Heineken Urband Beats is an MTV show which quarterly invites internationally renowned bands/artists (such as Cut Copy and Crystal Fighters among others) to get an insight of their background and trajectory as well as find out interesting facts about their recent projects and info on their tour dates. All of this is topped off with an exclusive performance by the guest band/artist of each episode.

We conceptualized, art directed, designed and developed the entire graphics package as well as the website for the show.

If you have missed out on any of the episodes and/or performances make sure to check them out on the website and stay tuned for the upcoming ones!

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Production company

MTV Networks

Our role

Concept, Art direction, Technical direction, Web design, 3D, Motion graphics & Web development



Live Action

Directed & produced by
MTV Networks & Micropunto Films

Graphics Package Music

The Chinese Stars - 'Bored with this planet'


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Heineken Urband Beats - Graphics package and responsive website - Binalogue - Design, Direction & Development


Heineken Urband Beats

In addition to the graphics package, we also conceptualized, art directed, designed and developed the website to showcase the episodes of Heineken Urband Beats.

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