Disney Worldwide - Easter Graphics Package - Binalogue - Direction & Design - Motion Graphics

Disney - Easter

Graphics package

Disney approached us again, this time to create a fun loaded graphics package to be used during this year’s Easter season by Disney worldwide.

The concept was developed collaboratively with Disney’s talented crew and consisted in having the most representative Easter elements (Easter eggs, naturally) transforming themselves into some of today’s kids favorite pasttimes.

It was then implemented onto a set of pieces created to present Disney’s most popular shows, resulting in a vibrant and joyful graphics package that presents a very traditional season in a totally unconventional fashion.

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Production company


Our role

Co-concept development, Direction, Art direction, 3D, Motion graphics, Compositing & Finishing


Disney Creative Director

Pablo Ferrán

Disney Producer

Sonia Suarez

Disney Designer

Elvira Jaen


The Walt Disney Company

Gravity Falls Shots

Property of The Walt Disney Company


Music is used for presentation purposes only. Final product has no music as it is displayed during events with live music.


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