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Football, football, football!

With the World Cup in Russia coming up, the awesome people at La Despensa approached us with a very interesting advergaming project for Budweiser, official sponsor of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. We thought to ourselves: Budweiser and the World Cup as in football and beer? Of course we’re in!

The project turned out to be a real technical challenge for us to really sink our teeth into, as we had to jam pack so many technologies into such a small screen at the same time. The starting point was mobile optimized WebGL games and all that it entails in terms of performance. Now let’s add that all gameplay should be controlled via the microphone as opposed to any traditional game interface, of course while playing back audio at the same time. Sprinkle some 360° videos, accelerometer controls and we’re getting close. Additionally, we also needed to integrate seamlessly with a chatbot that can transfer your game score into real Budweiser rewards points.

The end result is pure fun and games. We created not one, nor two, but three sound controlled games where fans have to scream at their mobiles to score points that they can convert into real beer and other goodies. Talk about ending on a high note! And we had such a laugh screaming in the studio!

Game #1 – Light up the goal

In this goal kicking game timing and restraint are of the utmost importance. First up, you have to start screaming at the perfect time in order to aim your shot properly, and then you have to maintain your scream for two seconds while exercising restraint to keep your levels within the ‘sweet spot’. Do all of that, and you’ve got yourself a goal!

Game #2 – Light up the field

Scream as long and as loud as you possibly can to keep the wave of lights going around the stadium. As you might get disoriented due to all the movement, we created a compass to help you keep track of where the wave is at any given time. Just move your phone around until you find it!

Game #3 – Light up the song

Football and singing go hand in hand. In this third game you need to keep your rhythm in check. Scream GOOOL! while note blocks are underneath the goal. It ain’t as easy as it may appear though – you have to hit those notes perfectly. If you manage to do many in a row, you’ll score combo bonuses, so keep at it. Practice makes perfect.

So do you ever get excited watching the game? Use that frustration, or happiness for that matter, take these games for a spin and scream until your heart’s content!

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Budweiser - 2018 FIFA World Cup mobile games - Binalogue - WebGL & Web development