The British Council - Social Media & You - Binalogue - Promo video

British Council - Social Media & You

Explainer video

The British Council approached us to create an infographics piece to be used as part of the launch of their brand new social media strategy pack, which would be introduced to their 9,000+ team members worldwide.

Having a script skillfully crafted by the British Council as the starting point, we conceptualized, directed, designed and animated this playful and friendly motion design piece packed with a bunch of situations, messages and characters interacting with typography to reflect the essential characteristics of social media and their new strategy pack.

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Production company


Our role

Concept, Direction, Art direction, Design, Animation & Motion graphics


  • BranD Magazine #2014B: Renaissance of materials - Page 116


Original storyboard and script

David Blundell

Music & sound design

Claudio "El Maestro" Bonaldi

Script editing

Geoff Goff


Ann Bateson


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