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Bershka Festival Tour

Online campaign

The friendly people at Spotify approached us to create an online campaign for Bershka and their summer music festival collections. They wanted an online presence where music and fashion could fuse with summer festival fun.

Collaborating with Spotify, we created an app that suggests your ideal music festival based on your top tracks and artists within your Spotify account. It also provides you with shopping suggestions in order to achieve your ideal summer festival outfit, as well as an associated playlist to get you prepped for your music festival adventure.

We created a neutral design based on the Bershka corporate identity with space for big imagery, allowing the content to speak for itself and convey the relaxed summer feeling. Bershka invited Vice to write bespoke articles in three languages for the multilingual campaign, and via a custom API we connected to the Bershka online shops in 39 countries so that the editorial team could display outfits as they saw fit.

So do you want to know which music festival and look works best for you? Take it for a spin and find out!

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