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AXN Spin - Magnet

TV Idents

As part of the recently launched global rebrand across the entire AXN network, AXN Spin – a teenager/young adult oriented channel airing all over Central Europe – also underwent a complete branding overhaul.

We were invited to create two sets of idents specifically for AXN Spin as well as two bumpers to be used throughout AXN’s network.

This is the magnet ident set – in its 15”, 10” & 5” versions. From guitars and runners through to spray cans and surfboards, everything is attracted to the ubiquitous magnetism of the pyramid.

Make sure you don’t miss the nightclub ident set as well as the birdcage and Titanic bumpers.

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Production company


Our role

Co-concept development, Direction, Art direction, Design, 3D & Compositing


AXN Marketing director

Ignacio Zamacola

AXN Spin Art & creative manager

Peter Mihola

AXN Creative manager

David Giménez

AXN Graphic design manager

Marcos García

AXN Production manager

Noelia Alonso

AXN Production coordinator

Arantxa Montero

Music, sound design & production

Claudio "El Maestro" Bonaldi

Logo Animation



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AXN Spin - ID 02 - Magnet

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AXN Spin Idents - Binalogue - Direction & Design - Broadcast


AXN Spin - ID 02 - Magnet

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