AXN - Pop-up book

Season promo

We were approached by AXN create the promo for the upcoming 2012-2013 TV season, both for Spain and Portugal. Their idea was to have all the featured TV Series being part of a pop-up book. Based on their idea, we directed, art directed, designed and animated these promos (which became New York Festival Winners) and alongside the skillful and experienced team from AXN had a great ride while creating these two promos.

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Production company


Our role

Direction, Art direction, Design, 3D, Compositing & Finishing



David Giménez Teira

AXN Creative Manager

David Giménez Teira

AXN Production Manager

Noelia Alonso Franco

AXN Sound Mixer

Claudio Recuero Francos

Lighting/shading artist

Sergio Lopez Lopez


Pink - 'Blow Me'


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AXN - Pop-up book - Binalogue - Direction & Design - New York Festival Winners

AXN - Pop-up book

Promo 2012 - Portugal

Make sure you check out the Portuguese version as well. It’s not just the translated version – some TV series are different and they are real gems!
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