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Armani - Together Stronger

Digital campaign

Spotify approached us to create an online campaign for the perfume duo ‘Stronger with you’ and ‘Because it’s you’ by Emporio Armani. In line with the advertising campaign, they wanted an online presence where people could first have a personal experience and then interact with others in order to compare the sum of both parts.

Collaborating with Spotify, we created an app with a bright and neutral design as well as interactive infographics, which invites you to explore your personal music preferences and listening habits based on your favourite tracks, artists or genres alongside many other attributes. Once you enter, you can invite your partner, friend or whomever you chose and compare the results, discovering your musical affinity that more often than not has a surprise or two in store.

So do you want to find out how your partner or friend stacks up musically? Take it for a spin and find out!

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Art direction, UI/UX, Web design & Web development


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Armani - Together Stronger - Binalogue - Digital campaigns & Web development