Absolut Vodka - Andy Warhol Edition - Binalogue - Visuals

Absolut Vodka - Andy Warhol Edition


This project came along as the perfect opportunity to pay a tribute to one of our favourite artists: Andy Warhol – both to his art and to his thoughts. Needless to say we explored plasticity, boldness, texture, contrast and many more of the principles that embody the legacy of this pop art pioneer, and the outcome is one of the most unique sets of visuals we have done up to date.

We conceptualised, directed and developed these visuals to be used throughout the campaign that celebrates Warhol’s fascination with the world’s most famous vodka bottle.

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Production company


Our role

Concept, Direction, Art direction, Design, 3D, Compositing & Finishing



Music is used for presentation purposes only. Final product has no music as it is displayed during events with live music.


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