Motion Graphics - Animations & Logos

Motion Graphics - Animations & Logos

Book feature

We were both thrilled and honoured when SendPoints not only invited us to have some of our work included in Motion Graphics, but this time they also asked one of our own directors, David Carrizales, to write the book’s preface and he was happy to oblige. The book, which comes with a USB flash drive containing the videos of 100 of the featured projects, aims to present the latest motion design projects related to branding from around the world. We were asked to include the motion graphics pieces we created for Debien, Dramax, Olmeca and Absolut Vodka.

With a belief that good books cultivate sound minds, SendPoints stands for a calling to publish the best books. Since its establishment in 2006, SendPoints, which focuses on art and design, has become one of the best design book publishers and distributors in China.


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