About - We love design. We love to design. We are binalogue.

It all started with a conversation about David Bowie and electronic music software in Sydney, Australia circa 2000. That’s when directors/designers David Carrizales and Marcus Stenbeck met and started a neverending debate and exploration of the creative process and their ever-growing love for design, which even to date is the essence of binalogue.

During those early days, while David and Marcus were still at school, binalogue went through several monikers and configurations. Even the name itself was the result of a concept that was first pitched to a client who decided against it, but they liked it so much that they simply kept it for themselves. Binary + analogue = binalogue. Get it? For a while binalogue was even a live visuals engine used around Sydney’s techno and electro scene. Its skin changed, but its essence remained the one constant throughout this period, and still does to this day – loving design and loving to design.

Fast forward to 2008 and we settle our headquarters in Madrid, Spain, to begin assembling what has organically evolved into what we are today – an award-winning design/creative production company comprised of a diverse and multicultural team of polyvalent artists: directors, producers, designers, animators, programmers, illustrators, 3D and compositing artists. A team which through its firm belief in the power of teamwork is devoted to a constant search for how to convey messages in powerful ways; how to ask the right questions; how to create images that are worth more than a 1000 words; how to build engaging experiences that constantly adapt to the rampaging flux of technology.

This is how we create innovative and unique design-driven projects that reside anywhere within the motion, interactive or graphic realms. We do so with brands, agencies and fellow production companies with whom we collaborate on the conceptual, creative and technical phases of projects. We research, we discover, we learn. We contrast, we experiment, we play. We love design & we love to design & we are binalogue.

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