It all started with a conversation about David Bowie and electronic music software in Sydney, way back in 2000. That’s when directors David Carrizales and Marcus Stenbeck met and started collaborating, going through several monikers and configurations, including a live visuals engine used around Sydney’s techno and electro scene.

We grew organically and evolved into what Binalogue is today: an award-winning, creative production company comprised of a multicultural kick-ass team of diversely talented artists.

Through the power of teamwork we produce innovative and unique creative experiences that reside anywhere within the motion, interactive or graphic realms. We do so with brands, agencies and fellow production companies from various corners of the world with whom we collaborate on the conceptual, creative and technical phases of projects. We research, we discover, we learn. We contrast, we experiment, we play.

We love design & we love to design & we are binalogue.

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