Debien – Promo video

Our role

  • Co-Creative direction, direction, art direction, illustration, design, 3D & motion graphics


This is the type of project we simply fell in love with since the very moment we were invited to participate in it.
Debien is a brand new Spanish range of basic food products created as a fair and sustainable alternative to the conventional distribution models that only benefit large corporations.

Debien works directly with local farmers, fishermen and other food suppliers and helps them distribute their produce to the main markets. By reducing their own profit margin, Debien offers below-the-average prices to consumers and to top it all off, they donate 10% of all their profit to Spain’s central food bank “Bancos de Alimentos”. This food bank is the largest non-profit organization in Spain responsible for providing food to families who’ve been dramatically affected by the recent financial debacle the country has gone through and have found themselves unable to cover basic needs such as food.

Rafa Coelho and Miguel González, the talented guys who crafted a heartfelt and down to earth script which set the tone for the entire piece invited us to create this promo video. From conceptualizing its look & feel, through to directing it and producing the entire piece.

Our goal was to communicate the true essence and philosophy of the entire Debien initiative and leave viewers wanting to find out more and support such a fantastic cause. We felt the best way to do this was to create a piece with a tactile and stripped down finish, both on its visuals as well as its music. A piece done by real people for real people that will hopefully remind us and make us want to be part of fairer alternatives to the traditional systems where just a few get the biggest benefits while leaving those in most need outside the loop.

It’s been a true honor to have the chance to contribute to this cause. Debien ¿Nos echas una mano? Can you give us a hand?

Find out more at:

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